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BugsForPets Pressed dogfood 4 kg

Dog food from BugsforPets contains a single protein source, insect. In Europe, insects are rarely used as a protein source in animal nutrition, so the chance that a dog has developed an allergy is very small. A hypersensitivity to food means that the dog (excessive or allergic) reacts to certain ingredients in food.

Major benefits
• Insect protein as the only protein source
• Sustainable
• 100% Dutch product
• Free from wheat gluten and chemical colors and flavors
• The protein is easily digestible and ideal for dogs with sensitive intestines
• Insects as a highly recordable protein source of up to 98%, the insect proteins are used by your four-legged friend.
• Lauric acid, can fight possible micro-organism

BugsforPets becomes sustainable through the application of insects in the food. The chunks contain the larva of the Black Soldier Fly (Black Soldier Fly). The use of the Black Soldier Fly is sustainable because the life cycle is shorter than regular protein sources such as chicken or beef. In addition, the food and water consumption for breeding the fly is in many lesser sizes. To give an example: for the cultivation of 1 kg of proteins for the Black Soldier Fly only 8 liters of water are needed, for a chicken 1250 liters and for a beef even 8350 liters. The BSF larvae are grown exclusively with vegetable raw materials and under GMP + certification by an NVWA accredited grower. This makes it a special nutritious dog food with a very low ecological footprint.

Composition: Digested potato, dried insects (21%), pea starch, pea protein, dried sweet potato, linseed oil, minerals

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