Crickets - Whole Freeze Dried (FOOD)

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Freeze-Dried whole Crickets:

Nutritional Values per 100 grams:
Total Protein60,0grams
Total Carbonhydrates2,3grams
Of which:sugars0,01grams
Total Fat26,1grams
Of whichSaturated Fat11,7grams
 Monounsaturated Fat7,4grams
 Polyunsaturated Fat4,5grams
Crude ash 6,1%









Acheta Domesticus (House Cricket)

Legal status information:
These insects are farmed in the Netherlands specifically for human consumption taking into account the rules that apply to the production of food. The conditions are described in the hygiene code which is the guiding principle for the whole chain. This code is currently checked and regulated by the EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) via the Novel Food application. Our supplier is part of three dossiers submitted via the BiiF (Belgian Insects Industry Federation). This international industry association aims to develop the market for edible insects in Europe.

Breeding information: Crickets are kept in large containers with sufficient living space to feel comfortable. Their diet consists of GMO-free dry food consisting of a mix of grains, corn and peas. In addition, they get enough water and wet food such as potatoes and carrots. Crickets grow by changing their skin several times, after a few weeks they are mature and are harvested. The slaughtering is done by putting the insects to sleep via cooling in the most animal-friendly method.


Processing information: It has been agreed with local and international food authorities that insects must be given a heat treatment. Our supplier has developed a system in which the nutritional value is preserved as well as possible. The drying method for this type of product is freeze drying, the big advantage is that this method preserves the original visual and nutritional value. In their highly hygienic kitchen, optimum care is given to food safety and ensuring traceability.


Shelf life in days from production:

365 days after the packaging date

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Packaging label

Storage Advice:

Max. temp. 18˚C, dry, dark

Allergy information:


Declaration of ingredients:

100% freeze dried crickets

Statement of Compliance:

Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 of 15 November 2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs

Statement of Compliance (2):

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006 setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs















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